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Nutube Preamp

An Overdrive stomp pedal equipped with a single Nutube. With a hybrid configuration of Nutube and discrete circuitry, it covers a range of sounds from clean to distorted. Just by using the guitar’s volume the user can harness the natural unique clipping characteristics of vacuum tubes.
Controls consist of GAIN, BASS, MID, MID-FREQ, TREBLE, and VOLUME. Mid frequencies can be varied, with a large degree of freedom in tone. It operates with a 12V AC adapter.
The right foot switch is typically called the “DOUBLE SW”, and plays a role similar to a boost switch. Nutube contains two independent vacuum tube circuits, with signals typically passing through just one circuit at a time. However, when the DOUBLE SW is pressed, both circuits are activated, making it possible to create a fatter, deeper tone.
This prototype was exhibited at the KORG booth at Winter NAMM 2015 along with the “Nutube Guitar Amp System”.

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