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A new vacuum tube which puts vacuum fluorescent display technology to practical use


Nutube, similar to a conventional vacuum tube, has an anode grid filament structure, and operates exactly as a triode vacuum tube. Also similar to a vacuum tube, it creates the same characteristic rich overtones. By applying their vacuum fluorescent display technology, Noritake Itron Corp., a Noritake Co. Ltd affiliated company, have devised a structure which achieves substantial power saving, miniaturization, and quality improvements when compared with a conventional vacuum tube.


Realising substantial power savings

By making the form smaller we have succeeded in making significant power savings requiring less than 2% of the electrical power of a conventional tube. This allows for efficient and simple battery operation.

Small size

Nutube is less than 30% of the size of a conventional vacuum tube.

Real vacuum tube sound

The real triode structure produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound, delivering excellent linearity.

High reliability, long life

Made in Japan. 30,000 hours of continuous life expectancy.


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Since its establishment in 1963, KORG INC. has always strived to manufacture epoch-making electronic musical instruments using innovative creativity and the company’s own extensive technological expertise. In 1975, KORG introduced the world’s first compact tuner with a needle meter and has marketed innovative products worldwide at the forefront of the musical instruments market. KORG synthesizers combine excellent sound quality and features and have earned the support of music fans and professional musicians everywhere. Today, KORG designs and develops a wide range of electronic musical instruments from synthesizers and tuners, to digital pianos, signal processors, digital recorders and other peripheral equipment.


Noritake Itron Corp.(Ise Electronics Corp.) a subsidiary of Noritake Co., Limited. Japan invented Vacuum Fluorescent Display in 1966. This unique display technology was introduced to world by the article of Electronics Magazine issued May 29, 1967. The first developed Single digit display tube contributed to the evolution of Electronic Calculators in 1970s. After the development of flat glass structure VFD in 1974 the applications have been expanded to Typewriters, Home appliances, Audio Videos, Automotive panels, Industrial instruments, Gaming machines, Medical and Communication equipments according to the technology progress.
The Company name was changed to Noritake Itron Corp. in 2003, and we will continue to make our best to create and develop innovative technologies and products.

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